A legally blind photographer, artist, and writer. Her first paperback book, Peace, was published by Clear Light Books in 2005. Check DeviantArt and Amazon to find her work.

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Tammy Ruggles photography on GodUpdates dot com

Tammy Ruggles photography at GodUpdates dot com

Godupdates mom resented mother in law for spoiling grandkids until she was gone fb article

She Resented Her Mother-In-Law. Until One Day She Realized The Tearful TRUTH!

She was certain her mother-in-law was turning the grandkids into spoiled brats. But now, she says she had it all wrong. Hear the tearful reason why!...

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She Started Talking About Her 'Fat Pants'. And Now I Can't Stop Laughing!

Christian comedian Anita Renfroe got into my head and tickled my funny bone. When she started talking about her 'fat pants' she hit the nail right on the head with every sentence! And oh my stars I'm cracking up! Preach it sister....

Jd godvine 5 police officers sing thank you jesus fb article

These Police Officers Are Saying 'Thank You JESUS.' And They've Got Me Singing Along Too!

These 5 police officers came together for one simple purpose, to sing to Jesus. And when you hear their amazing a cappella rendition of 'Thank You Jesus' you'll be tapping your toes and praising the Lord. Can I get an AMEN!?!...

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When I Saw This Man In A Skirt, I Didn't Know What To Think! But The Truth Behind This Tutu Is Incredible.

"Tutu Tuesdays" has become quite the theme in this children's hospital whereupon the nurses - men and women - don tutus. This all started out to simply put a smile on the face of the children facing surgery. It's now become a hospital-wide dress-code!...

Mj godupdates cause of addiction fb article

They've Figured Out The REAL Reason For Addiction, And It's Not What You Think. This Is POWERFUL!

Many believe that chemical dependency is the leading cause of addiction. But these studies suggest that there is more to addiction than just drugs themselves. You’ll be amazed at what they’ve uncovered!...

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I Always Love "Amazing Grace." But Hearing Alan Jackson Sing It Just Put Me Over The Moon -- WOW!

Alan Jackson could sing just about anything and it would be great. But to hear him singing "Amazing Grace" is something you won't want to miss especially as the Easter season is upon us!...