A legally blind photographer, artist, and writer. Her first paperback book, Peace, was published by Clear Light Books in 2005. Check DeviantArt and Amazon to find her work.

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TammyRuggles (Tammy Ruggles) on deviantART

TammyRuggles (Tammy Ruggles) on deviantART

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TammyRuggles on DeviantArt

tammyruggles@yahoo.com I'm a legally blind photographer, finger painter, and writer based in Ky., and invite you to browse my online portfolio. Some of my paintings, photos, and writing has been pu......

Yellow landscape by tammyruggles d6gn2wv article

Yellow Landscape

My finger painting of a yellow landscape. (Published by literary journals Contraposition and Bricolage, and by magazines Vibrant Life, and LivFun)...

Sea plants by tammyruggles d6x9ct5 article

Sea Plants


Red flowers in orange and purple grass by tammyruggles d666zhz article

Red Flowers in Orange and Purple Grass

My finger painting of red flowers in orange and purple grass....

Blue seaweed by tammyruggles d6d9uf9 article

Blue Seaweed

My finger painting of blue seaweed....

Free by tammyruggles d96zsux article

Native American Finger Paintings by TammyRuggles on DeviantArt

I have American Indian roots, Cherokee and Blackfoot....